We believe in the power of issues

From genetically manipulated food to fake news . From the plastic soup in the world seas to TTIP and CETA. Each socially aware citizen will likely have an opinion about such themes. This makes them excellent examples of what issues are: topics that affect, connect and require action. Organizations often feel threatened by these issues, preferring to ignore them and only choosing to respond only as a ‘last resort’. We at De Issuemakers believe this approach is outdated. After all, we live in times when a simple tweet can cause a roaring media storm. Ignoring issues is arguably the quickest way for an organization to damage its reputation.

De Issuemakers therefore believes in a proactive attitude, using issues as opportunities to further sharpen the profile of the organization instead of viewing them as threats or risks. Our approach comprises various disciplines within public affairs, public relations and (corporate) communications. We love working for organizations that have or aim to have societal impact.