Platform Issuemanagers

The Platform Issuemanagers (Issue Manager Platform) is the first Dutch platform for everyone who bears responsibility for the management of issues within an organisation. The Issue Managers Platform offers these issue managers the opportunity to become acquainted and share
knowledge and experience with each other. Participants include such companies as Rabobank, Jumbo and the Netherlands Human Rights Institution.

Although more and more organisations are coming to see the importance of issue management, it is still a relatively young field. There is profit to be made
in professionalising this discipline and refining the methods of daily practice. This is why De Issuemakers has set up this platform. De Issuemakers’
platform convenes once every quarter and is geared towards exchanging knowledge, professionalising the discipline and sharing best practices.

The establishment of The Issue Managers Platform shows that issue management is beginning to reach maturity. There is a growing awareness
that organisations are no islands, but can address problems together with the outside world. The Issue Managers Platform is a good step in this direction.

Signup and more information
For more information, please contact Mayke van Keep.
The Issue Managers Platform is an initiative of communications consultancy De Issuemakers, Ferdinand Helmann of Omnicom PR Group, and Professor of Public Affairs Arco Timmermans.