Issue Management

If you’ve got your issue management in order, you know what is going on and what will be going on with regard to the themes that are important to your organisation. Analysing stakeholders, recognising social developments and anticipating political agendas: all indispensable matters if you want to have a grip on issues at all times, something that can lead to great profits. Because he who has a grip on things can act proactively. And instead of responding to issues to prevent reputation damage, he can take advantage of issues to strengthen the company profile and socially position the organisation.

In order to structurally manage their issues, many clients make use of our Issue Manager tool. With the Issue Manager, the most
important information regarding issues is always available to everyone in the organisation, in a safe, online environment. From statements and Q&As to the latest news and actions to take.

Want to know more about issue management or our Issue
Manager? Contact Anne Backer or Laura Mulder.

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