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Winner Issue Award 2023

The winner of the 2023 Issue Award is Maryam Hassouni. The actress came out with her personal story about racism, sexism and inappropriate behavior that she experienced for years in the television world and wrote her book 'Wat de fak'. She wanted to give a voice to all victims of inappropriate behavior, racism or sexism and thus successfully put the issue on the agenda.

Issue Award

The Issue Award was created in 2010 by Issuemakers to reward an organization or person that has managed to get an issue on the social and political agenda in a striking, effective way.

Putting an issue on the map requires vision, passion, courage, creativity, determination, decisive action and a critical eye. By awarding this prize, Issuemakers wants to show that many people and organizations are working to draw attention to relevant social issues based on passionate social involvement and that they can be very successful in this. The prize is traditionally awarded annually in January to make such successful initiatives visible, reward and encourage.

The Jury

Joris Backer

Jasper Mulder

Omar Kbiri

Mark Monsma

Marysha Molthoff

Quirine de Weerd

Issue Winner Award 2023

The winners of last years

- 2022

Eva González Pérez for her efforts in the benefits affair.

The winner of the 2022 Issue Award is lawyer Eva González Pérez. The lawyer has been working on the case for almost 7 years, in which she represents forty parents who are victims of the affair.

- 2021

Organization Black Lives Matter NL for the Vapor Protest on June 1.

On June 1, 2020, Caitlin Schaap, Naomie Pieter, Elvin Rigters, Mitchell Esajas and Jerry Afriyie (KOZP) organized a Black Lives Matter NL protest on Dam Square against institutional racism in the Netherlands, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement that emerged in America. had come.

- 2020

Agractie leader Bart Kemp for the farmers' protest on October 1.

The jury appreciates the large scale and impressive demonstration Wherealong Kemp and his organization put the nitrogen problem in relation to Dutch farmers on the social agenda have put.

- 2019

Tim Hofman for his initiative in a petition for a broader Children's Pardon following his #BOOS documentary 'Back to your own country'.

In 2019, Tim Hofman won the Issue Award with his initiative for a petition for a broader Children's Pardon. This initiative arose from the #BOOS documentary 'Back to your own country'.

- 2018

Education action group PO in Action for putting the workload and salary problem in education on the agenda.

'PO in action', an education action group founded on Facebook in 2017, wins the Issue Award in 2018. The demand that 'PO in action' makes is simple: “A fair salary; primary education is structurally underpaid.”

- 2017

Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers with the Sharp on Elderly Care Manifesto.

With the manifesto 'Sharp on Elderly Care', Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers won the Issue Award in 2017.

- 2016

FNV Young & United for successfully drawing attention to the youth wage.

In 2015, the Issue Award was presented to the youth movement Young & United for their action to equalize the minimum youth wage and the regular statutory minimum wage.

- 2015

Boyan Slat with his initiative The Ocean Cleanup.

Boyan Slat wins the Issue Award in 2015 with his initiative 'The Ocean Cleanup'. With his initiative, Slat wants to make ocean pollution a topic of discussion.

- 2014

Quincy Gario and with the Zwarte Piet discussion.

In 2014, the Issue Award went to the Pietitie Foundation and 'Soot in the Food'. The proponents and opponents of the Zwarte Piet discussion, which no one could ignore this year, both won the prize.

- 2013

Wakker Dier Foundation for putting the issues surrounding the Plofkip on the agenda.

In 2013, the jury chose the 'Stop the plofkip' campaign by the Wakker Dier Foundation as the winner of the Issue Award. The intended goal of this campaign was to end the processing of broiler chickens by restaurant chains and A-brands.

- 2012

Mauro's foster parents around the issue of young asylum seekers.

By drawing attention to the issue of 'Young asylum seekers', Mauro Manuel's parents won the Issue Award in 2012.

- 2011

Youp van 't Hek and improving the customer friendliness of helpdesks.

The 2011 Issue Award went to Youp van 't Hek for his struggle to improve customer friendliness of helpdesks. Van 't Hek posted a tweet about the fact that his son was not properly helped by T-mobile customer service.

- 2010

Oxfam Novib with the Green Saint campaign and the fight against unfair chocolate.

In 2010, Oxfam Novib won the Issue Award with the 'Green Saint and his action heroes' campaign. The aim of this campaign was to draw attention to unfair chocolate and the trade in it.



Winner of the Issue Award 2020: Bart Kemp (Agractie)

Winners of the Issue Award 2018: Education Action Group PO in Action

Winners of the Issue Award 2016: FNV Young & United

Winner of the Oeuvre Award 2019: Arjen Lubach

Winners of the Issue Award 2014: Quincy Gario and

Winner of the Issue Award 2010: Oxfam Novib

Winner Issue Award 2015: Boyan Slat

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