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Development of a Covid vaccine leaves us wanting more

Our country, like the rest of the world, has been under a ban for monthsg by It coronavirus. In addition to continuously anticipating the spread of the virus and finding and applying the right measures, is the development and introduction of a working vaccine is crucial.  

Being at this moment  multiple parties with this busy. You you wonder:  why don't they join hands to join forces?. Perhaps it is bmore important to note multiple horses tooright too betting and allowing different perspectives and studies to coexist to walkThis way it becomest utilizes as much knowledge and expertise as possible.   

gratifying nthat is development run-up to the the arrival of a corona on the marketvaccine has also been chosen special approach for the approval process. It traditional process in which pharmaceutical companies and the Dutch Healthcare Instituteitue carefully and sometimes a bit slowly worked in a linear process of “hearing both sides” has made way for a much more intensive and more effective way of working together. During the development of the vaccine, the Care looksinstitute now as it were already during the development process. That saves a lot time. 

It is known that putting it on the market  of new medicines in the Netherlands does not always happen quickly. We are not among the leaders in terms of speed in Europe. We are sometimes criticized for this, while the care with which it is done in the Netherlands generally receives a lot of praise. Countries around us know that when a medicine has been approved in the Netherlands to be placed on the marketthey this can also do without any problem. DaIn addition to care, now also speed on a higher level is only to be welcomed.  

The new adjustmentak in which there is much more intensive cooperation between Dutch Zorginstitut and pharmaceutical businesses is a recipe that leaves you wanting more. Like this leads An  new ones disruptive approach as a result of the outbreak of the coronaavirus may last a long time term change where everyone can benefit from.  

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