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 Issueto make

Based on good information and its analysis, your organization can embrace a suitable social issue and thus expand and advance it.

We would like to put social issues on the map together, activate third parties around this issue and sharpen the social profile of the organization. This can be done in countless ways, but we advise and support, among other things, with regard to social positioning of the organization, putting issues on the agenda, setting up and supervising issue alliances and coalitions, stakeholder analysis and management, PR and media strategy and implementation, or for example, a public affairs strategy.


Advice on social positioning and/or profiling of an organization


Putting social issues on the agenda in politics and society


Public relations, media strategy and execution


Setting up and supervising issue alliances, coalitions and grassroots campaigns


Issue Sprint: in fixed steps from problem to solutions

Cases Issue to make

DDMA – Introduction Dutch influencer register | Press Approach and Issue Making

DDMA – Introduction Dutch influencer register | Press approach and issue making Influencer marketing has quickly become a mature and fully-fledged channel within the marketing world. In addition to the immense possibilities it offers…

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