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Our expertise

Media and politics

As an organization you want to respond quickly and effectively to the issues that come your way. Or better yet: you want to be at the forefront. But to do that you need to know exactly what is going on, which developments are relevant, how media and politicians communicate about your issue, what public sentiment is, how other stakeholders and competitors are active on this issue and much more. The antenna must be on continuously and we can be that antenna for you. One-off, periodically or, for example, daily. Curious how Issue intelligence can help your organization?

Social-cultural issues

Based on good information and its analysis, your organization can embrace a suitable social issue and thus expand and advance it. We would like to put social issues on the map together, activate third parties around this issue and sharpen the social profile of the organization. This can be done in countless ways, but we advise and support, among other things, social positioning of the organization, putting issues on the agenda, setting up and supervising issue alliances and coalitions, stakeholder analysis and management, PR and media strategy and implementation, or, for example, a public affairs strategy. .


With a proactive issue approach, you as an organization can promote your reputation. This also gives you more control over the social impact you have or is making and this impact can be more targeted and effective. Great for society and good for the social profile of the organization. We advise and support you through, among other things, stakeholder analysis and management, PR and media strategy and approach, media training or, for example, public affairs advice and implementation.

Even if an issue comes your way unexpectedly and undesirably, we are happy to help you, including with crisis advice and communication. Most crises can be prevented through a thorough issue approach.

An expert become?

At Issuemakers we provide various training courses: How to deal with journalists? What is the Dutch media landscape like? What should you pay attention to as a spokesperson for an organization? But we can also work with you in a creative brainstorming training to find out which issue best suits your organization, or how to formulate your own core message.

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