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Own activities

Pleasant networking drinks

Every year we organize an issues conference around a relevant and current theme. Inspiring speakers, debate and good conversations and a nice networking drink at the end. Will you be there next year?

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The Spotlights

There are many brave people who are passionately committed to a particular issue. Every year we put some of them in the spotlight during the presentation of the Issue award!

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More Impact

Do you want to have more impact by joining existing theme days/weeks? Or do you want to explore which time is best to present your issue? Use our Issue Calendar! (And call us if we can help you with this!)

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Online Space

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our conference moved online. We liked this so much at the time that we kept the issue lecture.

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Current Trends

Every six weeks we send a newsletter, including current trends, recent blogs, reading and listening tips, and we give a nice look behind the scenes. Would you like to receive this too? Then sign up quickly!

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Own Thought

A solid body of thought deserves its own book! Mayke van Keep and Sybrig van Keep wrote “Issue Thinking” and you can order that book here!

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