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Issue intelligence

As an organization you want to respond quickly and effectively to the issues that come your way. Or better yet: you want to be at the forefront. But to do that you need to know exactly what is going on, which developments are relevant, how media and politicians communicate about your issue, what public sentiment is, how other stakeholders and competitors are active on this issue and much more. The antenna must be on continuously and we can be that antenna for you. One-off, periodically or, for example, daily. Curious how Issue intelligence can help your organization? An Issue intelligence assignment can consist of a (combination) of the following disciplines:


Monitoring news and/or politics


Issue inventory, scan and analysis


Stakeholder inventory and analysis


Analysis of current policy

Cases intelligence

Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Media trend analysis

Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Media trend analysis In 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was regularly in the spotlight, both from the public and the media. The War in Ukraine and…

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