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Advice on social positioning and/or profiling of an organization

  • Making an inventory of one or more social issues that suit an organization and providing advice on how this issue can be used by an organization.
  • Activation of an issue by devising and implementing a campaign, events, etc.

Putting social issues on the agenda in politics and society

  • Advice on how to create social support.
  • Formulating action perspectives.
  • Activating stakeholders.
  • Creating hype around an issue.
  • Framing or reframing an issue.
  • Setting up and implementing social campaigns.

PR and media strategy and execution

You have to earn media attention. This can be done by approaching the right journalists or bloggers at the right time, with the right information or the right story. Issuemakers has a broad media network and is happy to help clients get deserved attention. We not only map out the strategy, but we also take care of its implementation. From preparing and sending press releases to writing columns and opinion pieces and organizing press conferences and events.


Setting up and supervising issue alliances, coalitions and grassroots campaigns

  • Advising on the role of quartermaster.
  • Formulate objectives and desired behavior or policy that must be achieved.
  • Drawing up manifesto, governance structure and march route.
  • Advising on financing.
  • Facilitate dialogue around social issues.
Design without title

Issue Sprint: in fixed steps from problem to solutions

Many companies and organizations struggle with their social impact. Society expects leadership and solutions to major social problems and developmentsBut where do you start, what are the biggest problems, who are involved in this and what part of the solution can you offer? 

The Issue Sprint helpt exactly here. In clear steps we analyze the problem together, we discover opportunities and arrive at feasible solutions. So that your organization can also show that it is socially involved and responsible. 

  • Based on Google's Design Sprint, tailor-made for social issues.
  • Most effective way to analyze and solve big problems.
  • Make use of the various experts within your and our organization.
  • Lots of energy, enthusiasm and support within the team.
  • Two variants: from three hours to four days.
  • Together with partner Purpose Design

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