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Municipality of Rijswijk | Communicating about Wellbeing 

The city of Rijswijk is a growing municipality with a village character and metropolitan challenges in a region that is always on the move. Rijswijk wants its 56,000 residents to be able to live, work and participate in a pleasant and healthy way. A crucial collaboration partner for the municipality is Stichting Welzijn Rijswijk. Professionals and volunteers from this welfare organization work on themes such as informal care, loneliness and poverty. This welfare work directly contributes to a better Rijswijk and also has a preventive effect: an ounce of well-being saves a kilo of care. 

The municipality of Rijswijk and Stichting Welzijn Rijswijk started a process to strengthen mutual cooperation. As part of this process, Issuemakers were asked to look at the mutual image and the overall image surrounding welfare work in Rijswijk. 

In addition to a document study, Issuemakers conducted a series of interviews with stakeholders from both organizations. What are opportunities and threats when it comes to images of well-being? Issuemakers then supervised sessions of a 'communication reflection working group.' Employees from both organizations worked together on a vision on imaging and an action plan with concrete and executable communication products that align with this joint vision. 

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