Issue Making

We believe in the power of issues. By embracing topics that the people are concerned with, organisations can strongly define their social profile. This is important: after all, the modern consumer wants to know what a company stands for. So one-sided announcements from the board room or the communications department has become a thing of the past, replaced by interaction with society.

That entails risks, but above all, opportunities. Just consider: who wouldn’t want to be known as the best bank for sustainable investments, the first supermarket that does not sell industrial chicken, or the most customer friendly airline? You can “make” an issue in a great many ways, from single events to long-term public campaign, with a well-thought- out media strategy or a lobby plan: at De Issuemakers we do it all, and we are always eager to help you come up with the best solution for your organisation.

Interested in creating an issue? Contact Susanne Peters or Elise Latour.

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