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Maryam Hassouni wins Issue Award 2023

January 25, 2023 - Actress and writer Maryam Hassouni was declared winner of the Issue Award 2023 during the Issue lecture yesterday. The other nominees were Jelmer Becker from JOB mbo and Mirjam Kaijer from Voices for Women. 

In November of last year, Maryam Hassouni came out with her own experiences with inappropriate behavior in the television world. In her book “Wat de fak”, she reveals the racism and sexism she experienced during her career. Although she tells her story candidly, she does not mention names, and focuses on the problems within the entire system in order to bring about changes and reforms. 

Maria van der Heijden, director of MVO-Nederland and chairman of the jury: “Dhe way in which Maryam Hassouni put her issue on the agenda was distinguished by her drive, her honest approach and the personal risk she runs by going public with her story. She does this on her own, without protection, without personally benefiting from it or in the context of a television program aimed at putting issues on the agenda. 

Maryam Hassouni, winner of Issue Award 2023: “The book I wrote is not a revenge novel. It is a testimony about a sexist, racist system. It is not about the perpetrators, but about the victims. I wanted to take them out of anonymity and give them back their dignity. I am very grateful for winning the 2023 Issue Award and hope to give a voice to all victims of sexism, racism or inappropriate behavior in the television industry and all other industries.” 

Issuemakers congratulates Maryam Hassouni on winning the Issue Award 2023 and for successfully and courageously putting the issue of cross-border behavior on the agenda.  

Image: Keke Keukelaar

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