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Media appearance: tips, do's & don'ts


  • Keep practicing
  • Tell the truth
  • Repeat your core message
  • Use 'sound bites': a catchy quote or one-liner, journalists often copy this
  • Take control: bring out the core message in the conversation as quickly as possible
  • Have figures and facts ready: journalists love this
  • Stay positive
  • Stay short and concise
  • Be prepared to provide explanations
  • Play cards openly
  • Stay businesslike
  • Stay friendly
  • Articulate clearly


  • Give personal opinion
  • Lying​
  • Speaking for or about others
  • Attacking journalist
  • Defensive positioning
  • Answer with just “yes” and “no”.
  • Speaking off the record ​
  • Considering the journalist as a friend
  • Use as little jargon as possible: if there is no other option, always explain it

With our custom made media training we pay attention not only to the form, but also to the content. As a result, media appearances will no longer be a potential pitfall, but above all a great opportunity to put an issue on the map. More about our media training? Please feel free Contact with us!


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