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Social positioning

The social positioning of the organization around issues has become a serious matter. It is hard to find a self-respecting organization that has not committed itself to a subject of social importance. As the Dutch Railways want to promote reading, Unilever speaks out about sustainability, Tony's Chocolonely trades in fair trade cocoa and Wakker Dier fights for the animals in the meat industry.

Taking a social position regarding an issue is, in short, of one nice to have turned into one need to have. A must, but fortunately above all an opportunity. Because issues, if properly addressed, bring profit not only to society, but also to the organization. Although different players have different interests, they all want to set something in motion and show what they stand for. Just saying that you are for a better world is no longer enough.

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Activate social issue

When an organization structurally activates the social issue in its commercial communication, it uses this issue to position itself socially. The organization thus goes further than just profiling an issue. This is most clearly recognized in one-issue organizations that often carry the issue in their name, such as the Plastic Soup Foundation, Wakker Dier, Nederland Schoon or the Ouderenparty.

Commercial organizations can also use a social issue for their positioning. Good examples are Jumbo with Healthy Food or Triodos with corporate social responsibility. The closer the issue is to your own brand values, the easier it is.

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