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What is corporate social responsibility?

In the period 1995-2005, increasing attention was paid to doing business with respect for nature and the environment. This was called corporate social responsibility (CSR). Companies started limiting their CO2 emissions, setting up energy-neutral offices and cleaning up their own 'mess': they compensated for the damage caused by their existence.

Although still important, this form of sustainable entrepreneurship has now become a license to operate. A permanent part of business operations and no longer a factor with which companies can distinguish themselves. Despite a limited impact on social progress, it is simply unacceptable if companies do not work sustainably.

True Value and real value

KPMG has developed its own method for calculating impact: True Value. This involves calculating the financial value as well as the value for society, people and the environment of an organization or sector, in order to make better strategic decisions and enter into dialogue with stakeholders. With this method, KPMG – in collaboration with science, business and government – also calculates the social value of current themes such as the digital economy, digital innovations, cybersecurity, startup climate, robotization, flexible job market and sustainable mobility.


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