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Florien's specialty is to help you create a rock-solid (annual) plan or (communication) strategy in a relaxed manner. Many professionals have a head full of ideas, but they lack the time and peace to organize and think them through. Let alone get the whole thing clearly on paper. Florien has a method to help you (or your entire team) come up with good plans quickly, effectively and fact-based. Of course, she also brings her own expertise in the field of corporate identity, storytelling, marketing intelligence and social partnerships.  

Florien works for various clients, including the NPO, EY, Hessing Supervers, Kindergarden and the Centraal Museum. Before becoming her own boss, she held various management positions at ABN AMRO.  

She enjoys being a friend of Issuemakers: 'Issuemakers has a unique position in the consultancy world: strongly content-driven and always socially relevant. Moreover, passionate, good and fun people work there.'  

In addition to her work as an advisor, Florien writes. Hers appeared On the couch. How I got sick from work. Just like a million other people. 

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